Protected area of the Nature Preserve

Here you have a detailed map of the park area (map 610KB, © Sächs. Landesvermessungsamt Nr. 87/2008)
 The Zittau Mountains’ Nature Preserve covers an area of 13,337 hectares (33,342 acres). That is 0.7% of the surface of the Free State of Saxony. The Nature Preserve is divided into 3 protection areas.

  • In protection area 1 (117ha = 280a = 8.3% of the whole area) the main aims are biotope and species protection. This contains the protected areas “Lausche” and “Jonsdorfer Felsenstadt” as well as areas which are have particularly valuable nature.

  • Protection area 2 (7,611ha = 19,027a = 57.1% of the whole area) is predominantly used for agriculture and forestry, but also for environmentally-friendly recreation. It covers the nature preserves “Zittauer Gebirge” and “Mandautal”.

  • Protection area 3 (4,610ha = 11,525a = 34.6% of the whole area) exists to enable a sustainable development of settlements, business and tourism. That zone includes the settled areas but also bordering regions, where a landscape-friendly development is possible.

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